Exchange rates for foreign currencies
The credit card statement is managed in one single currency. The foreign currency rate is applied to transactions (purchases) that are made in a different currency to this currency.

Transaction date
The transaction date is the date on which a transaction (purchase) is made with a credit card. This date can be seen on the receipt.

Authorization date
The authorization date corresponds to the date on which a transaction or a provisional transaction is transmitted to the issuer. For technical reasons, this date may differ from the transaction date.

Processing date
The processing date is the day on which a transaction (purchase) is charged to the credit card account by the issuer. The transaction is converted into the foreign currency using the rate on the processing date.

The credit card issuer is Swisscard AECS GmbH. It is called the issuer and issues credit cards to its customers.

Handling fee
The handling fee is the charge made for foreign currency transactions. This is listed as a percentage on the statement for every transaction.